Summer break began a few weeks ago here, and I remember being filled with so much hope and anticipation for what kind of summer we’d have as a family.

  • Sunny days at the beach or by the pool…
  • Spontaneous trips to the snow cone truck…
  • Movies on a lazy afternoon…
  • Bonding time that we struggle to fit in during the school year…

Yet here we are. Less than a month into summer break and I feel like I’ve lost my mind a bit.

There have been no trips to get snow cones, because no one has earned that treat. There has been little bonding time because I’m trying to fit in ALL THE THINGS moms are responsible for while also taking care of 3 crazy kids.

There have definitely been movies, but not because we had a lazy afternoon to enjoy. There have been movies because Mommy needs a break for a minute.

Summer is a great time to relax your schedule and let the kids breathe a bit. We’ve had some fun mornings at the neighborhood pool, enjoyed a sleepover with a BFF, and even baked a cake together.

kids baking cake
The prettiest cake you’ve ever seen!

Yet I still feel like my ideal summer is vanishing before my very eyes. The kids are constantly fighting or whining about something. The toddler is just as needy as she was during the school year. There are somehow never enough snacks in the house.

But now, there’s hope on the horizon in the form of Vacation Bible School.

Did everyone go to VBS during their childhood summers, or was that just my brother and me? Our family was not known for regular church attendance, yet every summer, my mom signed us up for VBS at some local church.

One year we had to go to VBS at my grandparents’ church in a completely different town and this social anxiety-filled girl did not enjoy that experience. I vividly remember wishing I could stay with my little brother in his class, even though he was 3 years younger. I guess my aversion to uncertain social situations started at a young age.

At the time, I assumed my mom sent us to VBS each year to give us a fun summer activity and make sure we learned a little bit about Jesus.

But now that I’m a mom myself, I realize there might be more to it.

I’m about to get five glorious days where my oldest two will be gone the entire morning. Sure, we have to actually get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast at a reasonable hour. But I’ll accept that structure if it means a few hours of peace!

The kids love it too. They get to see their friends from school again. They make crafts, sing songs, and eat yummy snacks. (Did I mention one of the best parts yet? You don’t have to pack any food or drinks! It’s all provided!)

VBS crafts
Cute Crafts

Another perk? Several of the churches in your area have VBS. My kids are already signed up for three this summer. It’s the VBS Circuit. We’re hitting them all. AND THEY’RE FREE.

Ballet camp, soccer camp, art camp… all of these things cost an insane amount of money. But VBS costs nothing and your kids get to learn about Jesus!

It’s a Win-Win.

In all seriousness, the best part truly is the chance for your children to come to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s a wonderful setting for that. The kids are excited, they feel safe, they’re having fun, and then they learn about the Son of God who died so that we may have eternal life.

What more could you ask for?

All you tired mamas, give yourself a break this summer. Go find all the Vacation Bible Schools you can and sign your kiddos up for every single one of them. You’re setting them on the path to Jesus! And if it means you get a couple hours of peace in the meantime, then chalk that up as a win and enjoy some lemonade in your quiet house.