Looking for the Secret to an Engaged Email List that Buys?


A Welcome Sequence That Keeps Them Coming Back for More!

A New Course Helping Coaches and Course Creators Create an Email List That Buys… By Starting Off New Leads the Right Way!


    How do you welcome people on to your email list?

    It probably depends on how they’re joining your list… but for most online entrepreneurs, you offer a free gift of some kind and they join your list to get that free gift.

    Once they’ve signed up, do they get a short and sweet email delivering the free gift and… nothing more?

    Do they get one value-packed email that delivers the gift and helps them get to know you a little bit?

    Do they get a sequence of emails that tries to sell them on a large investment with you?

    Or do they get a sequence of emails that gradually introduces you, shows your expertise and personality, and then offers a small way to work with you to get started?

    If you said any but that last one, you might want to rethink your strategy.

    The Welcome Sequence Strategies of the Past Aren’t Working Anymore! You Need a New Approach That Separates You from Competitors…

    Maybe you’ve googled “how to write an effective Welcome Sequence” and found a huge amount of information…


    …but that just leaves you reading all the different articles and trying to figure out what’s true and what’s outdated.


    You might even find a freebie from an “expert” out there that shows you how to write a Welcome Sequence…


    …but I guarantee it’ll be missing many of the details and could leave you with more questions than you have right now.


    If you’ve tried one of these routes… is your current Welcome Sequence doing its job?


    Is it building connection, encouraging engagement, and ultimately, leading to more sales when you launch to your list?


    (Maybe you don’t even have a Welcome Sequence yet! That’s ok. Keep reading.)


    It’s Time to Start Welcoming New Leads in a Way That Takes Them From “Guest” to “Permanent Resident” on Your List….


    Can you imagine having an email list full of ideal clients who:

    • Consistently open every email you send their way
    • Regularly reply to emails and start meaningful conversations
    • Can’t wait for the next new course or program you tell them about
    • Confidently buy everything you launch


    This is 100% Possible for You and It All Begins with the Welcome Sequence!

    Chrissie’s course, A Welcome Sequence That Keeps Them Coming Back, is an essential guidebook for writing a nurture sequence. Knowing exactly how to begin the process, and key information to assist in creating the emails was so helpful. Chrissie’s clear teaching style makes email creation feel like a breeze, and I felt motivated to create after I completed each lesson. Thank you, Chrissie, for providing such invaluable material! It was exactly what I needed to get going and stay the course!

    Julia Keta

    Registered Dietician and Women's Health Coach

    Here’s Why I Created This Course:

    Coaches and course creators consistently approach me to write copy for them, including everything from launch emails to sales pages to Facebook ads. But the thing I’m hired for most often is the Welcome Sequence! This is where people seem to get stuck, because they aren’t sure what to include, how many emails to write, and how to build connection right from the start.

    I began to realize that every online business owner needed help with the welcome sequence, but not everyone could afford to outsource it to a copywriter. (And some people just want to write it themselves!) That’s when A Welcome Sequence That Keeps Them Coming Back for More was born. If you want even a glimpse at an email marketing strategy that works, you have to start it off the right way. And I wanted to make that “right way” accessible to everyone! New and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. 

    Now you don’t need a $1,000 budget to get your email list doing its job!

    This Isn’t Your Average Plug-And-Play Copywriting Template! You Need a Welcome Sequence that Fits Your Business and Your Offers!


    Here’s How It Works:

    In A Welcome Sequence that Keeps Them Coming Back for More you’ll learn:

    • How to deliver your free gift the right way
    • How to sell a low-ticket item right off the bat
    • How to share your story without being too “me” focused
    • How to showcase yourself as an expert
    • How to connect with your audience by being educational and entertaining


    Over the course of 7 modules, each with a video lesson and accompanying workbook, you’ll learn how to write each email in your Welcome Sequence.

    I’ll share examples from my own emails, as well as strategies that have worked for my clients across various niches.

    I’m also going to give you options within each email, so you’re still following a proven copywriting formula, but you have the freedom to choose what works best for you and your business.

    And when you sign up, you also get all these Bonuses for free!!

    ⭐BONUS 1 – Video lesson on writing consistent weekly emails… so you when they exit the Welcome Sequence, they continue to get nurtured until launch time!

    ⭐BONUS 2 – Help! I Need a Lead Magnet PDF… so you can create a free gift that will entice your ideal client to get on your list!

    ⭐BONUS 3 – Access to How to Craft Subject Lines that Inspire Clicks mini course… because if no one opens your emails, this is all a waste of time.

    ⭐BONUS 4 – Top Email Marketing Tools for Beginners PDF by Claire Kinnell… so you can find the right tech options to get your sequence up and running!

    ⭐BONUS 5 – How to do Market Research PDF… so you can find the words to write copy that connects with your ideal clients!


    This is a self-paced course. You’ll have access to all of it as soon as you sign up. So you can get your entire Welcome Sequence done in a weekend if you want! Or you can take your time and fit it into your busy schedule.

    You can even have your VA take this course and write your Welcome Sequence for you! It’s that easy to follow.

    You Can Sign Up for A Welcome Sequence that Keeps Them Coming Back for More for Just $297 Today!

    (That’s at least $700 less than outsourcing it to a copywriter!)

    Are you more of the “done with you” than the “DIY” type? Do you need someone in your corner to help you fine-tune your emails and make sure you’ve got the right wording and flow to connect with your ideal clients?

    Then choose the VIP Option! For $497, you’ll get my feedback on your emails once they’re written! You’ll send them to me in a Google Doc and I’ll leave comments along with a video explaining everything. That way you’ll know you totally nailed your sequence!


    Still have questions? I’ve got answers! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about A Welcome Sequence that Keeps Them Coming Back for More:


    1. What if I’m not a good writer? Will I still be able to write effective emails?

    Ok, first of all… let’s talk about that mindset for a sec. Stop telling yourself that you’re “not a good writer”! If you can talk, you can write copy. It’s all about having a conversation. And this course will guide you through that!

    You also have the option of having me edit your emails when you’re done writing them, so you’ll feel totally confident that they’ll build connection and lead to more sales. Keep scrolling to read about the VIP option.


    1. My plate is already super full. I’m not sure I have the time to write these emails…

    Just like any other part of your business that takes time, email marketing is a worthy focus. And with my guidance in this course, it’ll take away all the research and guesswork that comes with going it alone. 

    I’ll explain what to write and how to write it for each email. No more googling and sifting through a million articles, trying to find the most updated info on what works in an email welcome sequence! 

    Plus, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re able to crank out these emails when you have guidance on what to write.


    1. Why would I spend $297 on this course when Google is full of free info on writing a Welcome Sequence?

    Two reasons! #1 – you get what you pay for… if you invest in this course, you’ll have my pro tips on what’s working right now in a welcome sequence. Plus video AND workbook guidance for each email. You’ll be hard pressed to find all of that on Google. And you have lifetime access to the course, so when you need to tweak your welcome sequence as your business grows, you can refer back to this. I’ll always update it with any new techniques that prove to be working!

    #2 – The transformation is in the transaction… which basically means, when you pay for something, you’re much more likely to follow through with it. If you invest $297 in writing your Welcome Sequence, you’re going to want to get your money’s worth! 

    Bonus reason – if you hired me to write it for you, it would cost anywhere from $800-$2000, depending on the number of emails. And if you needed it updated in the future, you’d have to pay for that too. So $297 for a welcome sequence is a great deal!


    1. Templates never seem to work well for me. How is this different?

    I agree, plug-and-play, ad-lib templates rarely work! That’s because we all have different businesses with different needs. You need a template for guidance, but you also need options within the template so you can choose what best fits your business, your offers, and your ideal clients.

    That’s exactly what you’ll find in A Welcome Sequence That Keeps Them Coming Back for More. I’ll show you what works for each email and guide you through the various choices that will work for your specific business.


    1. How long will I have access to the course?

    Once you sign up, you have lifetime access. And I’ll continually update the course as marketing strategies change and new things prove to be effective!


    1. What is the VIP option?

    For a total of $497, you can upgrade to the VIP option, which gives you my direct feedback on your completed welcome sequence! Once you’ve completed your sequence, you’ll email it to me. I’ll go over it with a pro copywriter’s eye and help you make any changes to wording and flow that will build more connection with your ideal clients. I’ll comment directly on the document and I’ll also include a video explaining each comment. Then you’ll feel completely confident that your welcome sequence is doing its job for your business!


    1. Can I just hire you to write this sequence for me?

    Yes, that is always an option. The investment starts at $800 and goes up from there, depending on the number of emails you’ll need. If this option better suits you, click here to schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss the details, plus my availability. (Currently there is a wait list for done-for-you copy!)

    Word on the Street:

    My Secret Weapon

    Chrissie wrote my welcome sequence for me and I was blown away by not only the amount of time she took to really get to know me and my voice but also the level of expertise she brought to the table. The entire sequence is engaging and has resulted in awesome sales!! Chrissie is my secret weapon for conversions and fabulous copy! 

    Rachel Perry

    Direct Sales Business Coach

    Incredible Storytelling Talents

    I was scrolling one day and I stopped on a live video with someone interviewing a woman speaking about copywriting. It was something I was looking for, so I stopped, watched and listened.. The woman was speaking in clear, visual language – a language I could understand. That woman of course was Chrissie Kenaston.


    I immediately found Chrissie online, and scheduled a consult call. I didn’t hesitate, and we got going with a plan. I know from experience that telling your own story is the most difficult story of all, but Chrissie listened to my story, and came back to me with a welcome sequence that was as if I wrote it. It really felt like I was actually telling the story. That welcome series is still nurturing clients into my list as it was intended. Chrissie was so good at giving me the space to express what I was looking for. She really knew how to weave my personality into the email campaign. Chrissie Kenaston used her incredible storytelling talents to make this storyteller look great!

    Keith Salmon

    Story and Business Coach

    A Game Changer

    Working with Chrissie to write my emails has been a game changer. She knows exactly how to get in the mind of my Ideal client easily and quickly. Writing emails used to be a big headache for me, so having her to write them and help increase my sales has been a gift!

    Taylor Kiser

    Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

    Best Decision I’ve Made In a Long Time

    Choosing Chrissie Kenaston to audit my launch email sequence was the best decision I’ve made in my business in a long time. Chrissie’s talent at bringing out the best in your email copy and making them sound readable, relatable, and compelling, is magical. Thanks to her help, this email sequence doubled the sales of my program. I even had responses and compliments on my emails from the women on my list.

    Nada Manley

    Style Mentor, Personal Stylist, Fashion & Beauty Writer

    Her Copy Converts!

    I hired Chrissie to write copy for my client projects within my agency. I believe that writing copy is one of the most important skillsets when it comes to creating a successful business. It’s an art and talent to move people with your words and that’s exactly what Chrissie’s capable of doing. She’s fast, effective and efficient… most of all, her copy converts!

    Julie Burke

    Business and Brand Strategist

    Here’s a Recap of What’s Included:

    7 Modules with Video Trainings and Workbooks

    The HOW and WHAT of Each Email

    Examples from Emails that Connect, Engage and Sell

    A Lesson on Delivering the Free Gift the Right Way

    A Lesson on Talking About Yourself While Really Talking About Them

    Options for Each Email to Customize it to Your Business

    Proven Copywriting Techniques that Increase Sales

    It’s like welcoming them into your home – do your emails make them want to plan a return visit ASAP, or are they ready to run for the hills and never look back?

    How many Welcome Sequences have flooded your inbox, only to be ignored because they all blend together?

    This is your chance to stand out and hook them from the start! If your first few emails are captivating and handing out quick wins, they’ll be much more likely to open every email you send their way.

    I’ve spent A LOT of time writing Welcome Sequences for clients and using it for my own list.

    I’ve tried different techniques and figured out what works best to keep people engaged and coming back for more!

    If I can do it, so can you. Minus the guesswork and trial and error!

    Sign up for A Welcome Sequence That Keeps Them Coming Back for More today and finally get that email list doing its job!