Email marketing is one of the BEST ways to reach your customers. Don’t let anyone convince you that “email is dead”. I promise it’s not.

Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email campaigns, you get an average return of $32? That’s too good to pass up for any business owner.

Social media platforms have become more and more unreliable. How many times has Instagram crashed lately? How often is Facebook changing its algorithm? It can be exhausting just trying to keep up with all the changes and make sure you’re doing the right things to be seen by your audience.

But your email list is YOURS. You control it. Your message can be delivered any way you want in an email. And if your subject lines are gold, your message won’t get lost in the shuffle due to any algorithm changes.

If you haven’t had success with your email campaigns, you may be making some of these mistakes:

Email Mistake #1: Not Welcoming Newbies

When someone signs up for your email list, they should get a wonderful welcome email or two, introducing you and letting them know what to expect from you. Welcome emails have the highest open rate of all emails. Don’t miss this opportunity! I suggest a 3-5 email sequence to welcome new subscribers to your list. Be sure to show your personality!

Email Mistake #2: Not Segmenting Subscribers

Not all of your subscribers want or need the same info. And when someone gets an email that has nothing to do with them, they’re much more likely to unsubscribe. Some people want your newsletters. Some people want promos and coupons. You can even segment by age/gender so you’re not emailing a 22 year old girl about a product meant for a 55 year old man. There are several programs out there, like ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit, that make list-segmenting fairly simple.

Email Mistake #3: Forgetting the Call-to-Action

Sending a “checking in” email to your list doesn’t add value to your client’s life. You always want to include some kind of call-to-action to keep them thinking about your business. If your email relates to a service you offer, send them to your Services page on your website. If you have a blog post that gives more information on your email topic, send them to that blog post. It can even be as simple as reminding them to follow you on social media.

But don’t put too many different CTAs in one email! This can overwhelm them and cause them not to click on anything. The best practice is to include one CTA, 2-3 times throughout the email.

This is not a comprehensive list of what you need to include in your email marketing, but it’s a great place to start. When you sit down to write your next amazing email for your list, keep these three tips in mind and you’ll be happy with your improved open rate.

Coming soon on the Pursuit of Peace blog… Email Subject Lines that Get the Click!

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About the Author: Chrissie is a copywriter by trade, specializing in helping coaches reach their ideal client. Email christina.kenaston@gmail.com​ to see how she can help with your copy needs.