Who runs the world? Girls! We’re channeling our inner-Beyonce at Pursuit of Peace these days as we continue our series on female entrepreneurs.

The world of female business owners is growing every day! There are over 11 million women-owned businesses out there right now. What’s even more remarkable? The community!

“Community over competition” is a common theme you’ll find across the world of woman-owned businesses. It’s a world full of encouragement and connection.

I find myself feeling very encouraged and inspired by these women who set incredible goals and meet them daily. Now I’m starting a series in the My Blog focusing on female entrepreneurs. Join me as we take a closer look into what it takes to find success on the road less traveled.

Meet Julia York, the owner of Creative Crumb. Julia helps creative and entrepreneurial women say what they mean and connect with their people through strategic copywriting, brand stories, and content marketing. She knows how to infuse personality into your brand to make it exciting, compelling and authentic to your true self.


-How did you get started?

A few months after I graduated from college, I got a social media internship with an online retailer for sustainably-made clothes. This really set the stage for me in terms of what I learned about what it means to give life to a brand, both in visual content and strategic voice. For the next five years, I had various jobs as a social media manager, public speaker, receptionist, etc., (I really didn’t know what I wanted to do!) until I decided to start my freelance business, Creative Crumb, in 2018. I started out doing freelance web design until I gradually realized that most people needed help with understanding their brand first before they could effectively translate that visually. Eventually, I ditched web design (I was not very good, honestly!) and fully transitioned into where I am today – pretty much full circle!  

-Why did you decide to create your own business?

I had worked two jobs where I sat in an office for the majority of the day, and even for the short time I worked like this, I knew I could never be happy doing that forever. At the time I was starting to transition to freelance, I was also becoming aware of how much I wanted the freedom to take a break from work just to, you know, not be working once in a while, and also to have the flexibility to travel (I love traveling!). Truthfully, I also didn’t want to answer to anyone but myself anymore. I wanted to be in charge of my day, my workload, how I spent my time, etc. I wanted the freedom to both work and have a life.

-What’s your favorite part of your job?

Two things: the flexibility, and helping women have “lightbulb” moments about their business/brand. I love that if there’s a day I just need to take off and rest, I can manage my time to do that, or if I want to go on a trip for a week with my husband (who also has a super flexible job), I can!  And particularly in my copywriting work, I get to help women find the voice they’ve been looking for. It’s so rewarding to give language to someone’s ideas and have them tell me, “This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say the whole time!” 

-Did you always envision yourself working for yourself?

Definitely not, and I certainly never even considered that I might fall under the category of “entrepreneur” someday; that seemed like something meant for other people. However, I did always picture myself being a writer of some sort, and I love that my life is falling into that.   

-Tell us about a recent “Aha!” moment in your business.

For a long time, I had a huge amount of guilt/shame if I felt I wasn’t “busy” enough during the day with freelance. I told myself (with no proof) that other, more successful self-employed women were constantly busy, constantly hustling, constantly overworked because they were making so much money. The measure I was using for my worth was whether I was constantly busy or not – and it was exhausting, because often in freelance you’ll have dry seasons. It wasn’t an “aha!” moment exactly, but I started to feel more confident about my own workload and what I was doing from day to day. Long story short, I stopped comparing myself in this way.   

-Share a unique fact about yourself.

I’m currently in the process of applying to grad school to get my master’s in Film Studies because I want to be a professional film critic. I’ve co-hosted a movie review podcast for almost two years and have always been fascinated by film and television since I was young. So maybe I’ll be an entirely different kind of writer someday!

You can find Julia on Instagram – @creative_crumb – and Facebook.

She’s also online here, with plenty of info on how you can work with her to find your true voice and let it shine through your business.

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