I sit next to my 5-year-old son at dinner every day. And I fight a daily battle with Misophonia.

Does that mean anything to you?

What if I said, “Every night I sit next to my 5-year-old at the dinner table. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of chewing with his mouth closed and I CANNOT HANDLE IT. The sound of his lips smacking makes my skin crawl.”

Now you get it, right? I have an aversion to the sound of someone chewing their food noisily.

That’s called misophonia. But when I say that word, you either have to go Google it, so you stop reading what I wrote. Or you give up because you don’t understand it and stop reading what I wrote. Lose-lose.

A confused mind won’t buy. Or even keep reading. It’s as simple as that.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your offer is…

It doesn’t matter whether you offer the exact transformation they want…

It doesn’t matter if you can solve all their problems…

If your offer isn’t clear, they’ll move along at the speed of light.

If we expect someone to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars, then we need to be very clear on what they’ll get out of it.

Let’s Make It Clear

Clarity in your messaging means not using jargon that your audience won’t understand!

And it’s more important than being catchy or clever. Every time.

If you’ve done all the things you’ve been told to do by the experts…

You’re writing regular emails.

You’re running ads.

You’re showing up on social media.

Your website is fully functional.

You have a decent landing page

But still… nothing to show for all that hard work, it might be a clarity issue. If you know your offer is great, but no one else seems to notice how transformative it will be, it might be a clarity issue.

Maybe the offer isn’t being laid out in the best way. Maybe you’re not explaining its value in a clear way that resonates with your ideal client. Maybe your problem is, say it with me now, a lack of CLARITY.

You want your funnel to work properly. 

You want your ideal clients to understand the value in working with you. 

You want to serve as many people as possible with your unique skillset. 

You want to build that connection that will help them trust you and want to buy from you. 

It’s all about the connection. That’s the piece you’re missing. The offer doesn’t need to change. You just need to be clearer about what the offer is and who it can help.

But you won’t be able to do that in a way that really works if you don’t have clarity around your offer and the BEST way to clearly convey its value.

Clarity Begins Here

A great place to start is with your elevator pitch. Your “this is what I do and why I do it” statement.

Does it make it plain and simple that you help a specific person with a specific problem so that they can accomplish a specific task?

Example – I help online coaches and course creators use their words to create irresistible offers so they can attract their ideal clients.

Person – online coaches and course creators

Problem – they struggle to convey the value of their offers in their messaging

Task – attracting ideal clients

If you’re on the path to clarity in your copy, start with that elevator pitch. If you’d like to go a little more in-depth and feel total confidence that all your copy is crystal clear, book a Clarity Call with me. Email chrissie@copywithchrissie.com to get the details on what this entails and how it can skyrocket your sales.

If you’re looking for a freebie, snag my Write Weekly Emails with Ease – a guide to writing consistent emails to your list that they’ll actually look forward to opening and reading.

About the Author: Chrissie is a copywriter by trade, specializing in helping online coaches reach their ideal client. Email chrissie@copywithchrissie.com​ to see how she can spice up your copy to cultivate connection!