Has the Covid craziness dried up your content creation well?

How can you be expected to come up with good content when you’re stuck at home all day, every day, doing the same thing over and over again?

The key to building connection with your audience or customer base is through good storytelling that shows you’re a real person.

But now your days are filled with Netflix and too much snacking, so where are the stories?

I get it.

I’m stuck at home too. I’m attempting to homeschool three kids. (Heavy emphasis on the word “attempting”.)

I’m dealing with a lack of motivation that creeps up when I least expect it. Lack of motivation to clean, to work out, to write, to reach out to potential clients…

I alternate between feeling like there’s too much good TV out there to possibly consume it all…

(TV FOMO, if you will)

And the guilt that comes with watching way too much TV instead of doing something more productive.

Like cleaning or working out or writing or reaching out to potential clients.

My point is, I GET IT. Our lives seem pretty boring right now.

If You Keep Creating…

Yet I’m still getting higher-than-average email open rates. I’m still seeing regular engagement with my email list. I’m still signing new clients who like what I’m putting out on Instagram.

That’s because I’ve discovered that this global pandemic has actually made it much easier for us to relate to one another!

I bet most of you could totally relate to all of my whining about homeschooling and lack of motivation and TV woes.

Throw in something about toilet paper and good Tiger King reference and I’ve probably included at least one thing almost every person on this planet can relate to.

You don’t have to have an epic, life-changing story to connect with your audience.

In fact, the mundane, daily life stories are much better for building connection.

People want to know they’re buying from a real person when they’re spending their money online. And stories about how your dog interrupted your video conference for the 10th time or how your kid is eating tortillas chips for breakfast, right out of the bag, and you don’t even care anymore are exactly how you build connection with someone and show that you’re a real person too.

That’s what drives up the bottom line. By staying authentic and sharing things that people can relate to.

Connection-Building Content:

Some of my recent examples of stories that led to true connection with my audience include:

  • A Zoom birthday party for my 7-year-old
  • My take on Tiger King
  • My take on Love is Blind (yes, I’m watching a lot of TV)
  • The fact that my family feels bougie using cloth napkins now
  • How messy my house is due to lack of panic cleaning

All of those stories got comments or replies, which means I’m now having a conversation with someone and building a relationship.

That’s the first step to a sale.

So while this may seem like the worst time to try to find great stories for your online marketing content, I argue the opposite is true.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an easier time to connect with people all over the world.

If you’re not sure how to use those stories in your email marketing, grab your free copy of Write Those Weekly Emails with Ease. You’ll get a template for weekly emails and 10 prompts to get you started.

About the Author: Chrissie is a copywriter by trade, specializing in helping online coaches reach their ideal client. Email chrissie@copywithchrissie.com​ to see how she can spice up your copy to cultivate connection!