how to craft subject lines that inspire clicks!


15 Types of Excellent Email Subject Lines 

                                            that will skyrocket the number of people opening your emails!



    Instagram stories… Facebook lives… SEO blog posts that took you 20 hours to write and format…

    All of those platforms are worthy of your time and energy, but none of them come close to the power of your email list!

    Yep, I said “email list”! That’s where your buyers are! But I hear those limiting thoughts creeping into your head:

    • Are my high-value emails ending up in the digital trash can?
    • I want to make true connections and a bigger impact, but what if no one opens me emails?
    • Are you sure email marketing has a higher ROI than anything done on social media? Social media is more fun!
    Don’t discount your email list! It’s one of your most powerful online business tools.

    But if no one is reading your emails, you won’t get much of a return.

    Do you ever open up your inbox to a sea of new emails, just to skim through the subject lines and delete most of them?

    I know I do. But there are always two or three emails that stand out.

    You know, the subject lines that make you pause and think, “Hmm… that caught my eye. I wonder what she’s talking about? Better read this one.”


    • Know you’ve got an above-average open rate in your niche…
    • Craft emails that create more leads and more sales
    • Reach every single person who needs to hear your powerful message

    In this training, How to Craft Subject Lines that Inspire Clicks, I’m going to take you through my professional copywriting process for coming up with subject lines that increase my clients’ open rates and ultimately, get them more sales!

    The average open rate for online businesses is around 20%.

    I’ve reached as high as 40% with my own list, thanks to excellent subject lines that inspire them to keep reading!

    So many online business owners spend a large chunk of their valuable time working on nurturing their email list… only to find their open rates are less than desirable… and they’re missing out amazing sales opportunities.

    Does that sound familiar?

    That’s why I’m sharing my process with you! I don’t want you to feel like you’re wasting your time on consistent emails.

    It’s important to nurture your list consistently, so they “know, like and trust” you, especially during launch time! Don’t give up because such a small percentage of your list is actually opening your emails.

    There’s a proven way to inspire more clicks so you can be sure your valuable message is heard by the right people!


    • 5 videos and a workbook to take you through the lessons
    • The 7 steps I take before I ever start writing a subject line
    • 15 types of excellent email subject lines
    • 15 examples of subject lines I’ve written for my own clients
    • And you’ll finish the training with 15 of your own subject lines ready to go!
    • BONUS – I’ll include a FREE training – 5 Simple Steps to Connect with Ideal Clients

    After you complete How to Craft Subject Lines that Inspire Clicks, you will:

    • Have 15 subject line categories to choose from each time you write an email
    • Know that you’re crafting subject lines the same way the pros do… and people pay hundreds of dollars for that skill!
    • Be able to choose from 15 subject line examples ready for use in your niche
    • Feel confident each time you hit “send” on an email to your list
    • Know that your message is being read by more people than ever before
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at chrissie@copywithchrissie.com.

    Don’t miss the chance to get your important, valuable message in front of as many eyes as possible!

    It all starts with the subject line.

    -See you in the training!