What does my work look like?

(…because we could all use a little proof, right?)

Sales Page - High Performing Ad Toolkit

A sales page for Facebook Ads Coach Jaymie Tarshis. This page was written from scratch after extensive research on her ideal clients.

Email Welcome Sequence - Brand and Content Checklist

5 emails for a Welcome/Onboarding Sequence that delivers a lead magnet and nurtures new leads for Rachel Perry, a Direct Sales Business Coach.

Landing Page - Stop Sacrificing Yourself Webinar

A landing page for a free webinar by a physician’s coach. You’ll see a few notes from me to the client in this document.

Email Launch Sequence - 90 Day Melt Away Fitness & Nutrition Program

9 emails for the launch of a 1:1 program for Samantha Costello, founder of CoreFit. CoreFit is a group fitness and personal training company.

Website Copy Audit - Vanessa Anne Operations Management

An audit of Vanessa Anne Lawson’s website. The site already existed so I provided enhancements and changes to improve conversions.

Weekly Nurture Emails - CoreFit

4 weekly emails for Samantha Costello, founder of CoreFit. You’ll see various calls to action throughout the emails.

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