Is the online coaching/course creating/consulting world oversaturated in 2020? I say no.

Are all of the online coaches/course creators/consultants trying to go big in their business in 2020? YEP.

Does this mean you can’t make it big because there’s too much competition? No again.

You just need to STAND OUT in that sea of competition.

You need social media posts that will stop the scroll. You need emails that will pause that finger hovering over the “delete” button.

So how do we stand out in 2020?

How to Stand Out

You write words that are so uniquely YOU, but also relate so well to THEM.

You’re competing against SO many things when you’re trying to get someone’s attention these days.

My 2-year-old got a tablet for Christmas and when she’s using it, it’s nearly impossible to get her to look up!

And let’s be honest… as adults, we tend to do the same thing.

When your potential clients are scanning their inbox or scrolling social media, it can be nearly impossible to get their attention too.


You have copy that stands out. Words that catch their eye and make them stop.

Stories are the Answer

If you’re in the online coaching/course creating/consulting world, then you’re here to teach… but that starts by inspiring. And you inspire with good, relatable stories!

Stories have been used since the dawn of time and for good reason!

Jesus spoke almost exclusively in stories to teach His flock some valuable lessons.

That’s why we are so obsessed with TV and Movies… we can’t get enough of those stories! And then we love to rehash them with our friends!

Stories make you relatable. Stories breed connection. Stories help build trust with your audience because they feel like they’re getting to know you.

And an audience that trusts is an audience that buys.

Think about allllll the emails you get each day. Are there a few names that excite you when you see them in your inbox? A few people whose emails you always open?

That’s because they know how to tell stories that entertain while still educating you on something valuable!

You can do this too.

How to Find the Stories

Start tuning into your daily lives a little more and find the little lessons along the way.

Then share those lessons via storytelling, written the same way you would tell the story out loud to a friend.

That’s how you connect, inspire, and most importantly, catch their attention!

I once wrote an email with a lesson on connecting with your audience… but I didn’t begin by talking about that. Most people would throw that into the “this is what everyone is talking about… blah, blah, blah” category and keep on scrolling.

I started by talking about folding laundry and watching This Is Us… a popular TV show that instantly made me relatable to most of my audience.

Begin each email and social media post with a story that draws them in and helps them relate to you!

And every story doesn’t have to be this huge “a-ha!” moment or life-changing event.

How life-changing is watching TV and folding laundry?? Yet that email had an excellent open rate, as did the following emails because I got people excited about reading what I send their way.

I’ve also written an email inspired by a country music song with lyrics about learning lessons in a variety of ways.

It takes practice to start tuning into these little lessons that happen throughout your day… but once you do, you’ll have plenty of content for your emails and social media!

It’s all in the stories, y’all.

Do you have great stories but you’re just too busy being the CEO of your business to turn those stories into emails, blogs, and social media posts? Hand it off, friend! Click here to book a call with me and let’s chat about transforming those stories into copy that truly connect with your audience.

About the Author: Chrissie is a copywriter by trade, specializing in helping online coaches reach their ideal client. Email chrissie@copywithchrissie.com​ to see how she can spice up your copy to cultivate connection!