Technology and I have a serious love/hate relationship. I’m very grateful for technology and all the opportunities that have come my way because of it. I wouldn’t own this business if it weren’t for technology!

But it also trips me up time and time again.

I have a website that I put together myself, but it’s simple and not very eye-catching. It communicates my message because writing website copy is what I do for a living… but there’s more to a good website than the words on the page!

You need menu bars and contact forms and privacy pages and terms and conditions and all that jazz. You can figure out how to add all of these things by Googling or YouTubing it, but that can take hours or days! Who has time for that? Not this girl.

I’m Ready to Grow. Now What?

I hit a point in my business recently where I realized it was time to grow and create some scalable products. I love my 1:1 Done-For-You copywriting projects, but I’m also ready to add in a course or two. I can help a broader range of online business owners if I teach some copywriting basics in addition to offering my services.

I have the idea for the course. I can create the PDF and even record video lessons. But then what?

How do I get the course out there? How do I deliver it? How do I set up a way for people to buy it? How do I make sure it looks professional?

On top of that, if I want to grow my audience so people actually know I have a course to offer, I need a thriving email list who I regularly write to. I need to know how to work funnels and segment my list.

To sum up… I’ve reached a place in my business where I need:

  • A more professional website that has all the required pieces
  • A way to sell and deliver my course
  • A way to promote my course
  • A way to grow and engage regularly with my email list

I also want to mention that I currently have multiple copywriting clients to serve, 3 young kids to care for, a household to manage, etc., etc.

It became clear to me that the next logical step was OUTSOURCING.

Outsourcing is the Answer!

I did not have the time or skillset to accomplish everything needed to get my business to the next level. But someone else out there loves doing this sort of thing and is working hard to make a living doing it.

I realized I could hand these tasks off to someone else AND support a fellow online business owner. Win-win!

Not only that… the end result would be SO much better and more professional-looking than if I attempted to DIY it.

I mentioned that you can find all of this information for free on Google and YouTube. But you can’t guarantee that you’re finding accurate information. There’s still a chance you’ll miss something important or mess something up, especially if you’re like me and have little to no knowledge of creating a website or managing new software.

Outsourcing Keeps You in Your Zone of Genius

Writing is my zone of genius. Tech is Katie Chase’s zone of genius. Together we make a great pair and a giant weight is lifted off my shoulders!

I outsourced all of my tech needs to Katie Chase, so I can focus on serving my own clients. I no longer have to pull time and energy away from my work or my family trying to learn something that doesn’t bring my joy.

And I don’t have to worry about messing it up or creating something that will not deliver the results I’m hoping for!

(TBH, that was my biggest fear – that I would put so much of my valuable time and energy into setting up all the tech around the funnels and courses, and then it wouldn’t work right. This would make me look unprofessional and would probably turn off potential clients. No thank you!)

The ROI for Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an investment… but most of the time the Return on Investment is completely worth it.

For my own example, if I had decided to figure out all that tech myself, I would have been forced to say no to some client work so I could find time to DIY my tech needs. That would have cost me money.

But I chose to spend money on outsourcing it, and in return, I kept my client numbers up and I have the potential for passive income as soon as my course is up and running.

If you’re still unsure about the power of outsourcing, here are some numbers for ya:

  • 59% of companies outsource to reduce/control costs
  • 47% outsource to solve capacity issues
  • 31% outsource to improve service quality
  • 28% outsource to take help from talented professionals

Plus, it’s less expensive for a business to outsource, compared with hiring an employee. You don’t have to worry about insurance or vacation days!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but the tech behind it scares you to death, I highly encourage you to follow in my footsteps and hire someone to get it done for you.

I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders as soon as I handed all of that over.

What Can I Outsource?

If the tech stuff is your jam but you’re completely overwhelmed with the thought of writing your home page, about page, services page, blog posts, emails, etc., you can outsource your writing!

Book a free call with me and we can discuss your options for getting that copywriting off your plate. I promise you’re going to feel a huge sense of relief when you hand it over, just like I did when I started working with Katie.

In the meantime, grab your free copy of 5 Simple Steps to More Sales. This will start you off on the right foot with your messaging, while you decide whether to outsource it to me.

I’m telling you from experience, outsourcing is the key to building a better business.

About the Author: Chrissie is a copywriter by trade, specializing in helping online coaches reach their ideal client. Email chrissie@copywithchrissie.com​ to see how she can help with your copy needs.