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Hi! I’m Chrissie,

and I help online coaches use their words to create irresistible offers so they can attract their ideal clients.

Do you want to find the exact people you’re meant to serve with your inspirational message? How would it feel to have all aspects of your business align so that your ideal clients know YOU are the person they’re meant to work with?

All of that comes down to one thing: COPY.

You can have the best techniques to help your clients grow – but if you can’t convey that to them with your words, they’ll miss the chance to work with you!

I’ve heard time and time again that amazing coaches have so many great ideas on how to best help their clients, but they don’t know how to get them down into words. Some of them are so busy helping others, they just don’t have the time to write all of their emails, blog posts, video scripts or website copy.

Isn’t it amazing to help women who serve others? And I don’t want you to miss out on amazing clients because your copy isn’t conveying your message in the best way.

Copy with Chrissie was born when I realized I could help others grow their businesses through the power of words. I’ve always been a writer. I still have journals from childhood, starting as young as six years old. It’s a trait passed down to me from my mother and grandfather.

Copy can help you:

  • Stay on brand across all platforms!
  • Create clear and concise copy and stop the rambling!
  • Make more sales without sounding icky or like a used-car salesman!

This is totally possible. And the beauty of hiring a copywriter is… you don’t have to figure out how to do all of that!

I spent several years working in the media, at my college radio station and then as a television news producer.

The #1 rule as I learned to write for broadcast news is “write like you speak”. Guess what? That’s also the #1 rule for writing copy! I’ve had years of practice.

As a TV News Producer, one of my main responsibilities was to keep the audience from changing the channel during the commercial break. You know what that meant? SELLING them on staying tuned for the upcoming story.

I spent years perfecting the 2 major components of copywriting before I even became a copywriter. I quickly rose through the ranks of the television station because I proved to be good at these 2 things: writing like you speak and selling the audience.

Now, I use those skills to help online coaches like you connect with their ideal clients!

As a coach, you have the unique ability to motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves! I love working with women who serve others in that way.

  • I’ve helped multiple 7 and 8-figure coaches launch new courses and memberships.
  • I’ve helped a fitness coach write high-converting email sequences and create engaging social media content that doubled her enrollment in her signature program and tripled her income over the first year we worked together.
  • I’ve written launch copy for a new program that delivered twice the amount of sign-ups my client was expecting.
  • I’ve helped business owners across several genres create compelling blog posts.
  • I’ve even helped an Executive Director create a presentation to sell her board members on the next phase of development for their organization.

The common thread? All of them loved feeling the stress melt away when I took over copywriting for their business. It meant they could truly focus on the part of business that lights them up!

Copywriting for coaches has given my life an incredible sense of purpose. I love using my God-given skill to help inspiring women help other women! It’s a beautiful chain of service that I’m grateful to be a part of.

I’m also happy to share that I’m fully certified through the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification Program with Sara Anna Powers.

Let’s get personal

I’m a mother of three kids and I’m married to an amazing Air Force man, so we’ve moved around quite a bit. Currently, we live along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus. It guides everything I say and do.

I work very fast. I read fast, I type fast, I talk fast. I used to drive my mom crazy with how fast I talked. I can still hear the words, “Slow down! No one can understand you!” echoing in my head. I was always the first one done with my tests in school. I still amaze my husband at how quickly I will finish reading a book.

Fun Facts:

  • I trained to be a ballerina until I was 20 years old. Then my knees gave up on me.
  • 2 of my 3 kids were born in Guam! (#militaryspouse)
  • I’m a natural wellness junkie. Think essential oils, herbs and supplements, homemade soap, etc.


I truly believe we’re not meant to work 60+ hour weeks, hustling and grinding at all times. Our lives need a balance of work, play and rest, but we all still want to succeed. If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because your coaching business is growing and you’re ready to take your copy to the next level. Or maybe you just need some fresh content for your website and/or social media pages. Click on the Contact Me link at the top and send a message about your needs.

Why Choose Me as Your Copywriter?

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University with a degree in Mass Media and English
  • Florida Associated Press award for Best TV Newscast
  • Certified Clickworthy Copywriter by Sara Anna Powers
  • Trained with Copywriting Master Ray Edwards
  • Writing featured in ForEveryMom.Com, Medium.com, ThriveGlobal.com

Let’s work together to create copy that builds connection!

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